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One of the Leading Hospitals in Japan

  In 1994, Kanazawa Medical University Hospital became one of the first hospitals in Japan to be   designated as a Special Function Hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The hospital provides medical training to achieve the following aims: (1) Provision of a high level of medical services; (2) Development and assessment of advanced medical techniques; (3) Educating good doctors.
  In order to meet the variety of medical needs of a modern society, Kanazawa Medical University Hospital has expanded to include a central radiology department, an emergency medical center, and a health management center as well as a regenerative medicine center which promotes research and treatments using regenerative medicine.
  The hospital has a 12-story main building, two annexes and the new Medical Education building, with 40 departments and 835 beds staffed by 348 doctors, 806 nurses, and 289 medical technicians, and the number of outpatients is up to 1,200 per day. It is one of the largest medical centers in Japan.
  Based on the philosophy of developing skilled medical professionals with high ethical standards and compassion, the hospital has been focusing on providing patient-centered medicine. It is also improving the educational environment for students and graduates to deepen their experience in clinical medicine through a wide range of clinical case studies and interactions with patients.



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