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Educational Objectives

Term of Study: 4 years                                                    Degree Granted: Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science                                 Admission Capacity per Year: 70

  Students study to become nursing professionals with a rich sense of humanity and high ethical standards.
  In addition to the Nurse course, we offer two elective course streams to meet the eligibility requirements of national examinations for Public Health Nurse and Midwife.
  Students receive extensive support from faculty members, both academically and in their college life.
  The nursing practicum is mostly done at the university hospital located in the same campus. Medical doctors from the School of Medicine also teach nursing students some courses.

Diploma Policy

  In order to graduate, students are expected to have attained the following abilities and attitudes, and to have completed the required academic courses.
Ⅰ. Rich Sense of Humanity and High Ethical Standards
Ⅱ. Knowledge, Techniques and Practical Skills in Nursing
Ⅲ. Nursing Professionalism incorporating Regionally Based Nursing
Ⅳ. Lifelong Learning Abilities
Ⅴ. International Perspective



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