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Dear colleagues,

I am honored to be the chairman of the International Conference on the Lens (ICL) 2015. Open worldwide to all cataract and lens researchers, this is the 3rd ICL conference which evolved from the previous US-Japan CCRG meetings. Chaired by Prof. John McAvoy, the last ICL conference, which was held in January 2014, attained the reputation of being one of the best venues for lens researchers to date, exceeding even ARVO in my opinion. Held approximately every two years in Hawaii, this wonderful conference provides lens researchers a special opportunity to meet in a casual atmosphere to exchange the latest cutting edge results in our field as well as to socialize over meals and activities.

With advances in cataract surgery, there has been a trend to believe that cataract research is of decreasing significance.  Nevertheless, cataract is still the leading cause of blindness in the world.  One can easily recognize that reducing the onset and progression of cataracts by identifying new environmental risk factors and developing new medicines or treatments will greatly benefit society and worldwide healthcare. The avascular lens is also an excellent model for studying and elucidating the effects of aging.  With the exception of cataract, the development of presbyopia is the most recognized age-related lens change.  This era of lenticular anti-aging research which should lead to identifying and preventing the cause of presbyopia is also quickly coming under the spotlight.

As in past conferences, the National Foundation for Eye Research (NFER) is supporting this conference through meeting support, travel awards, and the Kinoshita Lectureship. We anticipate significant international participation at this conference and I look forward to meeting all of you in Kona, Hawaii.


Hiroshi Sasaki
Chairman, International Conference on the Lens 2015

Department of Ophthalmology, Kanazawa Medical University
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