Kanazawa Medical University

1-1 Daigaku, Uchinada, Kahoku, Ishikawa 920-0293, JAPAN
Phone: +81-76-286-2211

Historical Overview

  Kanazawa Medical University (KMU) is located in the central part of Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. It is in the Kanazawa City area, which is known as a cultural and academic city with a rich history.
  In the 1970s, Japan experienced rapid economic growth, which led to an increase in the need for medical doctors, especially in the medically under-served areas. To fill this need for educating future doctors, within a ten-year period the Japanese government decided to establish 34 new medical schools in addition to the existing 46. KMU was founded during that expansion, in 1972. The KMU Graduate School of Medical Science was established in 1982. And in 1989, the Medical Research Institute was established to conduct cutting-edge research and to strengthen and promote project research and research collaborations directly linked to clinical medicine. The KMU School of Nursing was opened in 2007, and was then expanded to include the KMU Graduate School of Nursing in 2015.
  Since its foundation, KMU’s mission has been to educate and develop medical professionals with high ethical standards and knowledge and technique, who can contribute to the healthcare and wellbeing of all people through a respect for life, dignity and compassion. In recent times, there has been a rapidly increasing need for medical professionals in medical care, research, and education. In response to these circumstances, KMU has been focusing on developing well-educated professionals who have advanced knowledge and practical skills and who can meet the current needs of the world.



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